PV Manager

PV Manager 3.17

Easy design and quick calculation of the IBC SOLAR mounting systems
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The PV Manager is a big plus for everything from the planning and design to the installation phase of a photovoltaic system. Incorporating a wide range of functions to make the job easier, PV systems can be designed in minutes. On the basis of exact material and labour cost calculations, you can print out a professional, at-a-glance offer for your customers.
-Easy design and quick calculation of the IBC SOLAR mounting systems for pitched, flat and shed roofs as well as ground-mounted systems
-Possibility to design several roofs as part of one project, including static load control (according to DIN 1055-4/5)
-Allows graphic display and planning of module arrays with roof diagrams
-Automatically interconnects inverters according to dimensioning limits specified in the location database
-Precise calculation of actual cable loss
-Calculating potential shadowing by dormers, bays and chimneys
-Precise forecasts of energy yields based on minute average value weather data
-Parts list printout for ready-to-assemble photovoltaic system
-At-a-glance overview of all PV system data (including circuit diagrams, parts order list and customer quote)
-Access to IBC product databases (always current thanks to online updates via the IBC Premium Partner Portal)
-Numerous additional integrated programs, including AC connection plan, cost-effectiveness calculation, solar yield, output loss, inverter model, purchase price list and project planning aid

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